Frequently Asked Questions


"The fish I received do not look like the fish in thepicture. Why is this?"

-         We typically take photographs of one or two fish when we initially get them in. Since we have a large quantity of most of the various species of fish, it would be understandably impossible to provide a picture ofevery individual fish with a specific species. For some of our more rare orlarger fish, the picture listed may be the actual fish that you are receiving.If this is the case, it will be designated by ?WYSIWYG?, meaning ?what you see,is what you get?.

"What happens if my fish arrive dead?"

-         While this is a rare occurrence, it can and willhappen from time to time. Fish are live animals and we cannot ensure that everyone will arrive alive or remain alive. We do ask that if your fisharrives dead (DOA), submit a picture of the deceased fish that is in the bag.We will work quickly with you to resolve the problem. We will offer replacement fish for any losses, but do not offer refunds at this time. We will reship any replacement fish at the buyer's expense. If you put the fish in your tank and it dies or is not acting properly, please contact us,  with pictures, within 24 hours. We will again, do everything in our power to resolvethe issue and ensure that you have a great experience with these fish.

"What if I'm not home when the fish arrive?"

-         We will always provide you with a tracking number. While the fish are packaged to survive about 72+ hours within the shipping containers, we do ask that you make arrangements to arrive home to inspect your fish as soon as possible after they are delivered to your home. Itis always suggested to provide an area for the delivery person to place the boxthat is out of direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

"What do I do with my fish once I've unpacked them?"

-         Like you would with any new fish, let the entire bag float in your tank for 15-30 minutes. This allows the temperature withinthe bag to adjust to the same as your tank and will reduce temperature shock onthe fish. After this time, you can add all of the fish and water that is in thebag into your tank. The products used within the water for shipping will notharm any existing fish within your tank and actually makes the transition foryour new fish a bit easier. After this, expect your new fish to take a few daysto become fully adjusted, this includes hiding, floating at the top, sinking tothe bottom, and not eating. After a few days, your new fish should be acting aswimming like they normally would. At this point, enjoy your aquarium!

"I want to return my new fish because x,y,z?"

-         Unfortunately, we are unable to accept returns.We do recommend contacting us via email with yourorder number and as much information as possible. We will try to assist you inresolving whatever the issue may be.