About Us


Our story began over 30 years ago when we started our first fish farm raising angelfish on 5 acres. Today, we want to be the absolute best in the business.


My family has been in the aquarium fish business for over 30 years. We started on a 10 acre farm raising nothing but Angelfish to the local distributors. We found out quickly that in this business there are somethings you can't help, such as airborne viruses.

Our farm was hit with a virus specific to Angelfish that was airborne, meaning all the fish in the earthen ponds or in our holding facility were wiped out.

It was species specific as the few other fish we were raising were unaffected even in the same tank as angelfish!

From farmer to distributor

While my dad was farming, we made the transition to form a coop of sorts. A collection of fish farmers that came together to ship their fish directly to the pet store as local distributor prices weren't enough to make a living.

Out of this Consolidated Fish Farms was formed. While we aren't a collection of farmers anymore, my family has owned this company for the lasy 15 years and we continue to distribute fish to pet stores all over the country.

Renaissance of aquarium industry

When Covid first hit, we were worried we would lose most of our business. It turns out alot more people were looking for alternative sources for their fish, but between the stores that can't properly educate on your fish, sick fish in the store and just bad quality, we decided to step in and change things.

This is what has gotten this industry in the mess it is today. Selling poor quality, diseased fish thinking ( Oh we can just replace them.) It has killed our hobby and turned people off the fishkeeping in general.

So we are on a mission to provide the best possible fish we can get from Florida to Sri Lanka and more!