Dan Conner - My experience in the Ornamental Fish Industry




Why do this?

My dream has always been to bring a higher level of transparency to the industry to give fishkeepers a better understanding of how this all works and how you can apply it to their own fishkeeping.




Flamingo Fish Hatchery- First family farm where I learned to breed Angelfish at scale to over 1 million fish per eyar

Consolidated Fish Farms Inc. - Focused on creating standard operating procedures importing and exporting fish, creating new wholesale procedures to increase efficiency when packingm, and created a retail sales channel to bring consumers a healthier product to market.

University of Florida Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory - Grant project focused on setting up protocols on increasing survivability in post-harvested ornamental fish.

Aquaculture Instructor Middle and High School- Taught students how to take an aquacultured product to market from seed to sale.

Board of Directors - Florida Aquaculture Association - Focused on creating a cohesive association with training modules for the vast industry.