Our Mission


Locally grown fish, Great quality.


Great quality fish for your pet store is hard to come by and is no doubt stressful for They eat into your bottom line causing you significant issues and stress treating these fish for diseases, because let’s be frank… They all come in with diseases. They get your current fish sick and you are stuck treating for parasites, bacteria, and fungal diseases not knowing what the root cause is and hoping… hoping that can cure them. All of this while your customers are seeing the poor shape the fish are in which can turn them off to buying fish causing you a possible sale.

It’s time to change that.

It’s time to increase your bottom line.

It’s time to start offering locally-grown fish and promoting that. Here’s the deal. Your customers like that they are supporting locally-grown fish. It creates a intrinsic value that people are willing to pay for because the quality is that much better.

Let us help you increase the quality of fish you offer to your store and create a better experience for your customer.

Having problems with your fish? Let us help. Over 50 years of experience, fish health is our specialty and we can increase your survival rates on shipments which can help with your bottom line.

Reach out to us today for any problems we can help you with. We’d love to help your pet store in any way we can.